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The reasons for WpfDynamicUI

Wpf Dynamic UI was designed to reduce the total project development cycle time.

 Assuming an established development base - as a solution provider - you should already have some tools and libraries. In my terms let's call them infrastructure. They are libraries, well known components ready - at least by you - to be used in a new project.

Wpf Dynamic UI is designed to be a handy tool in ones hand.

Well known - well defined library providing the ability to fast adopt any Business Model changes.


Typical steps for any software project

● Analysis - customer requirements, specification.

Modelling - Modelling the screens, system parts.

Implementation - Implementing business logic, views, bindings. 

Testing - Testing business logic and internal - external behaviours. 

● Deployment


Wpf Dynamic UI:

You can design your solution as you wish - or your customer requires. Define the system parts and the behaviours and let the run time view generation to provide an interface for your specific model.

The library uses standard .NET and MS-PL codeplex components only. There is no need to learn new terms. Use existing - perhaps ASP.NET MVC - knowledge to create models compatible with the engine.

In an ideal world the maximum saved time could be the total time of the user interface design.

In the most ideal world when the business requirements are changing, more time should be saved when an existing solution needs to be refactored. As you only need to update the code, but no need to change (as provided by the library) the user interface you can freely redesign your application internals.

The key for the Wpf Dynamic UI is not that it can provide a working interface, but it can provide it in all cases, for all models.



Let’s see a sample calculation about the possible savings:

(link to calculation sheet)

A standard WPF - MVVM development time is estimated for 233 hours

The WPF Dynamic UI implementation (with runtime user interface generation) is estimated for 97 hrs


Assuming an average $25 / hour development cost the total savings can be $3400.


Sure there are extra time required to learn WPF Dynamic UI which is not included in the calculation.

Once you know how the library is working you can redesign - refactor the application business logic.


You can always be sure it is displayed by the library.

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